Welcome. My name is Nick Peters. I narrate and produce audio books, helping authors reach new markets for their works. When I’m not narrating, I am working on my own books. One has been published and another is on the way.

I studied journalism in college and spent more than two decades in broadcast news. In my early thirties, I went to law school, taking classes at night. I passed the bar examinations in Ohio and Arizona and worked another two decades for Fortune 500 companies.

In the late 1990s, podcasting and web audio were just getting started and soon I was narrating and engineering audio for distribution on the web.

Audio Books

The audio book market is the fastest growing segment of the publishing business. In just the past eight years, sales of audio books have increased four-fold. And growth is accelerating.

If you are an author, the audio book marketplace is your chance to reach millions of consumers who are listening to books on their phones, tablets, and computers. The process of creating an audio book is easy if you have the right narrator and producer. Let me help get your book into the audio book marketplace with narration and production services. Read More

Audio Production

If you narrate audio books and need an audio engineer to help finish your projects, or if you are an author with a recorded audio files and not sure what to do next, I can help you prepare your audio for distribution on Audible, Google Play Store, Apple Store, Indigo, and dozens of other audio book sites. Production includes audio editing, music, sound effects, and audio sweetening to make your narration even more effective for listeners. I’ll deliver the finished audio files back to you or send them directly to the distribution channels you choose.


Three years ago, I published my first novel, Plains of Gold. It’s a story of first contact and what might happen when humans meet an extraterrestrial. A new book, The Clade of New Darien, comes out later this year. Read More