Plains of Gold

In the distant past, Mars was a thriving planet, with a technologically-advanced civilization. Well before we knew about Mars, the Martians knew about us, having watched Earth for centuries.

This awareness by Martians of our planet might have remained just that — a curious study of a neighboring planet. But there was a problem. An immense iron ball named Koya was barreling toward Mars.

It would strike Mars. And there was nothing the Martians could do about it.

Plains of Gold tells the story of one civilization’s near destruction, and its desperate attempt to save itself from extinction. On this site, Plains of Gold is serialized in print and audio form. Or, you can buy the book right now, on

The Clade of New Darien

An article in an archeological publication reports on the discovery of a species that has not existed on the planet since well before the last ice age. Meanwhile, another mystery surrounds disappearances that have plagued the small town of New Darien for over two hundred years. Is there a connection between the two?

The Clade of New Darien is the latest book by Nicholas Peters. It arrives in bookstores later this year.