I am a media and technology veteran. I got my first tape recorder when I was nine and my fascination with electronics pushed me to build kit radios. In high school, I earned an FCC radio license and got a job working at the transmitter site of a local radio station.

My first computer arrived in 1983 and I was soon exploring areas like desktop publishing and on-screen media presentations. In the early 1990s, I read about the coming Internet and taught myself the coding needed to build websites. I built my first one in 1996 and continue to code for the web.

Broadcast Journalist

At The Ohio State University, I earned a degree in broadcast journalism and worked full-time at a local radio station. After college, I spent more than two decades in broadcast news in a variety of on-air and production positions.

Business and Legal Experience

After a career in broadcasting, I worked for one of the nation’s largest financial companies, ultimately managing marketing and media strategies. I went to law school at night and after earning a Juris Doctor degree, I passed the bar examinations in Ohio and Arizona.

Narration and Audio Production

In 2008, I returned to my roots, doing voiceover work for radio and television. With the rise of podcasting, I began engineering audio for distribution on the web. Today, when I am not writing, I now focus on narrating and producing audio books.

Nick’s LinkedIn Page

To learn more about my professional experience, take a look at my LinkedIn page. Throughout my life, I’ve had a passion for leading-edge technology. From radio to the Internet, I want to create media that informs and entertain. It’s this unique combination of experience and passion that makes me the right choice for your next audio project.