Four hundred years ago, Mars was a thriving planet with a highly advanced civilization. But in 1619, a rogue planet passed through the solar system, destroying the surface of Mars. In an instant, what had been a warm and nurturing planet, flowing with water, was reduced to the dry and bitterly cold Mars that we know today.

Mars Before Koya Struck

Mars Before Koya Struck

This random act of planetary violence laid waste to hundreds of thousands of years of advanced Martian civilization. Two thirds of the population died when Koya struck. The rest managed to escape to a vast network of underground tunnels and chambers carved deep below the Martian surface.

It was here, in the place the Martians called the Underground, that the survivors rebuilt their society. By the time humans started venturing into space, the Martians had rebuilt all they had lost on the surface.

But something was terribly wrong. They were getting sick. More and more of them were dying from the bleak conditions underground. Surrounded by rock, with no option of ever returning to the surface of Mars, they were losing the battle for survival.

The Viking Missions

In 1976, NASA sent two amazing spacecraft to Mars. The Viking mission was the first to successfully land and operate spacecraft on the surface of another planet.

Viking Lander

Viking Lander

Over the next five years, the Viking mission would send back photos and data that showed Mars to be a dry and frigid planet.

Water was there, but it was locked as ice just below the surface. Evidence of life was inconclusive.

But they were there.

A few kilometers beneath the surface, a civilization of advanced beings lived. And the Viking landers were the last hope of finding a way off of their dead planet.

The Story of Kai

Plains of Gold is the story of Kai, the first being from another planet to make contact with humans. His arrival on Earth is a game-changer for humankind. Kai’s immense knowledge could help solve some of the most difficult problems Earth faces, including global warming and the threat of starvation for many of Earth’s most vulnerable people.

But Kai arrives in the midst of an ominous and growing international crisis that the human race might not survive. Kai’s mission to save his people now depends on first saving the human race from destruction.

Plains of Gold

Plains of Gold is the story of courage, duty, and the power of love to overcome the most daunting challenges we face. Mixing real science, technology, and international intrigue with one writer’s imagination of how first contact might take place, Plains of Gold is an exploration into the things that make us truly human. As one reader said, “You cost me two nights of sleep. I couldn’t put this book down.”